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Nancy Cooley

Meet Nancy Cooley, a Colorado native – born in Denver and raised in Boulder.  She’s lived in Louisville for the last 22 years and has become a well known as the owner of Found Underground Consignment, a store that is as much about the re-use of clothing and retail as it is about supporting community. …

Mike Price

Meet Mike Price. As the owner of Little Horse Vintage, which offers a unique mix of everything from mid-centrury furniture and vintage stereo equipment to rare and used books, he has an eye for design, culture, and literature.  He has planted roots in Louisville and become a staple of the downtown scene. Mike, it’s entrepreneurialism…

Matt Doubek

Meet Matt Doubek, an independent visual artist-constructionist and surface manipulator who owns and manages Alias Krap Masters Studio.  He also manages Church of the Arts, where local artists can find an affordable space to work and be creative.  Matt was recently honored as the recipient of Lafayette’s Art Hero award. Thank you Matt for continuing…